About us

Welcome to EMSAY! 


My name is Nadia M'Seffar, the designer and founder behind EMSAY Studio.

I’ve always been inspired by interior design and architecture and although I've never been formally trained, I've spent a lot time on weekends making my own DIY pieces. When I moved from a Gastown loft to a Downtown Eastside townhouse, I wanted to fill it with pieces that would fit my modern and simple style without breaking the bank. I made pendant lights, shelves, TV stands and eventually decided to make concrete stools to use as minimalist bedside tables. Once I learned how to work with concrete I realized the potential of this underrated material and never looked back.

After a lot of trial and error, EMSAY really started to come to life. My friends started noticing what I made for my own house and began requesting their own pieces. Before I knew it, word had spread and it was more than just my friends who wanted to bring funky concrete pieces into their home.


EMSAY products are not like anything else out there. They are defined by their completely unique material and design, as well as each piece is 100% handmade.

The EMSAY style is a reflection of my own, one that always leans into something both functional yet still simple and beautiful. Which I think is why I work so well with concrete. The medium embodies my taste and allows for such potential. That’s what is so incredible about it all—the possibilities. Concrete is so simple and stunning, it only needs given the chance to breathe a different kind of life.


Every piece starts with a unique mould. From there, raw industrial concrete is hand poured into the moulds. While concrete typically used for construction is not the most popular medium for artists because of the difficulty maneuvering it, it’s what makes EMSAY products stand out. It brings one of the most universal materials into something beautiful and brand new.

We love collaboration and are open to new ideas and personalized designs for each piece. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!


EMSAY is based out of Chinatown in Vancouver in an abandoned mall, now converted into a space for artists, makers and local community organizations. 















EMSAY would like to thank Sarb Glaze Photography for her generous collaboration on our jewelry line photos with model.